“Bing, Bing, Bing”

My friend Terry and I sat and used that expression to describe how the purchase of my land came together. He is ready to back me now so the purchase is covered.

It will take me 90 days to gather the purchase price from my current income. I have a little time to put some things together so I hope to move that schedule ahead. It is remarkable how things come together almost magically at times like this.

I went to spend several days with Terry at his lovely farm in a high valley above Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Terry is a Zen Monk. I wished to live in the valley, but figured it would take some time to put it together.

While we were walking the boundaries of Terry’s’ holdings we met his neighbor who owns an adjoining piece of property. Though no interest to sell his property was expressed by the farmer during our brief meeting, an offer came within a few hours.

Turns out our neighbor was given the opportunity to buy corn land on the highlands above the lake and realized a way to do this might have appeared with Terry and I.

The windows for land sale come quickly when crops are harvested here. It’s time to get the beans in and land transfers must happen now. Our neighbor needs to buy his corn land now and we must move quickly with our sale to help that happen.

In all of this I note that Terry had not seen this neighbor in three years and yet the farmer was there when we arrived. I also know that the opportunity to purchase the corn land arrived for the neighbor when I appeared to purchase his current property.I love when I am in the Flow and the doors to the Future just pop open.

The last several months of my life have been about transition. I am making the move back to country. Town and city life has been fun in Guatemala, but I am ready for quieter places now.

All is well.
Smiles, ET

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