Windows in Time

It has taken me three weeks of hiking in the valley before I could make it to the high village and Terry’s land. From the landing at the lake about half the distance to the property is cobblestone lane. From the river bridge it is steep mountain trail the rest of the way.

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is in a volcanic caldron. That means it is a lake that now rests several thousand feet below the highlands above. The land rises quickly from the waters edge. The surrounding farm lands and villages hang on steep mountain slopes.

This particular valley extends upward about half the distance to the highlands above. It is a steep mountain valley with two rivers that meet below the village. The upper village and farm land rests on a small mesa of flat land fed water by surrounding springs.

The vista of the lake and distant active volcano is breathtaking from this elevation.

A portion of Terry’s land is used for organic gardens. The farmers that raise and own the crops there are a part of a local growers association. The association is helping the farmers to grow new crops and find new markets.

I will rent the A-frame that borders the organic gardens while I build on my property just above Terry’s holdings. I have spent many years looking for this opportunity and I will share with you what I have found.

I have a friend who has lived in this village for years. He knows his neighbors and works with them on a daily basis. He is an accepted member of this community. He has vastly decreased my entry time in to this community.

I am fitting right in as another farmer growing organic crops. I have been invited to take part in the associations’ activities. I am quickly becoming a member of a small and open community of people with common interests.

This is fun!
Smiles, ET

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  1. I had a question but of course it was answered when I read the post. Water was on my mind and the stream which irrigates your land provides what I consider to be the biggest contribution to living in the hills.

  2. Hi Ed,

    I just thought I’d check out your blog to see what sorts of adventures you’ve been up to and it looks like you’re going through a lot of changes. Your property sounds like heaven! I didn’t realize it was that inexpensive to get set up at the Lake. Where are you living, exactly? Is Harry with you? What about Jeff? Any news of the Jarachik chicas?

    I’m still in Oz, but I think the signs are pointing me north more and more. My time here has been valuable, but I’m ready to move on. Probably home for a bit and then who knows.

    I’m sure I’ll make it back to San Pedro eventually.

    Take care of yourself, and best wishes for your new home.

    lovelovelovelovelove Jen

    • Hi Jen,

      Thanks for the good wishes. Life is well here and I will be posting more with some actual pictures on Uduzit. I am living in the new house now. Harry is doing great and has had a few new adventures. Then he comes home as you know. Many smiles dear lady. Ed

  3. HI Ed

    We keep looking to see if you have any new blogs, then I just read the small print and realised I could comment and ask things, like how are you, how’s Lake Atitlan, Hows Harry and how are your new endeavours going?? I really hope things are good with you and your settling well into your new home. Andy and I had a toast to you the other day, we celebrate our anniversary on the full moon in Sept, not on the anniversary of the day you married us, it seems more magical that way.
    We’re still in Australia but our time here is coming to a close. It has been a very tough year, emotionally and spiritually, trying to pay back the money we spent having fun in San P. But I think we’re stronger for it.We’re heading back to the UK for Christmas (fistr time in nearly 3 years) and then we’re going to try New Zealand for a while.
    We miss our days in San P, they were soo simple on the surface, tho so complex underneath.
    We think of you often and hope you’re well
    Much love xxx
    Charli and Andy

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