I can divide my life in to the “really screwed up” part, and the “getting better” part. The “getting better” part has a lot of good experiences in it, and involved a lot of great people.

In my working years, I have been teacher and counselor. I am one of the guys who taught your teachers when they gave you those special days off school. For eight years, I was a part of the clinical staff who taught medical students how to diagnose chemical dependency.

Kids have been important to me. I was a Protective Service Investigator for many years. As a counselor, I worked with family’s in areas related to addictions. I ended my professional career as Clinical Supervisor, living and working on the Hopi Indian Reservation.

In all those years, looking in thousands of eyes, I never felt I had it quite right. So many people struggled, so many people failed. There had to be better answers than the ones that didn’t work.

Ultimately, I had to find what made sense. I had to follow each idea through to see if it worked, and admittedly not every one did. Over time, I built a tool box of things that worked for me.

Neat thing I learned along the way, you can do anything that I have done. And that is what UDuzit is all about.

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