A No Internet Day

It is one of those days that I sometimes experience here in Guatemala. It is the Rainy Season. It is cloudy and drizzle is falling very lightly. It is a very sleepy day without the Internet.

It is becoming clearer to me that the Internet consumes a great deal of my time. I find it interesting that I can stay so busy online. The hours disappear so quickly.

The Internet runs in the background of my life. When I have no connection, I sense all the information I am cut off from. I can’t read the news. I can’t research the subjects I am interested. More importantly, I can’t read my email.

Email connects me to others. I have developed a network of friends who are now spread around the world. Many of those people have lived in San Pedro for extended periods. They are now traveling further, or have returned home.

We communicate sporadically. Yet, we are all connected by links through other people. One way or the other, we have an idea of what each is doing.

It is fun also to stay in touch with those who return here each year like birds in flight. When these folks return to Lake Atitlan you know the weather is changing up North. Their return is one of the ways I know the Seasons will soon change here.

Each day I try to communicate with one person. This means I write them a letter. That doesn’t work with text messaging. My son has equated my emails to books. I would call them essays. My longer emails are written that way for a reason.

First, I have my friends’ total attention for a moment. I can tell them what is happening in my life. I can ask questions about what is going on with them. I can comment on the things I know they are experiencing.

It takes two to communicate. I am working on keeping the process going.

Recently, I read that the key to maintaining a friendship is staying in touch. Friendship is created by communication. Break the communication for too long and the friendship withers.

Email is such an easy way to keep the communication going. When my Internet comes back up you know where I will be.

I checked this morning. They said it would be just an hour. It’s another rainy day in Guatemala.

Smile. ET


Me and the Internet

It has become very clear to me that my life is directed by the choices I make. I am watching those choices more closely.

Roses also have thorns

Roses also have thorns

I know that my thoughts and actions put energy into Life. I am a part of the total mix. I contribute to it, and am affected by all that happens in my life as a result.

I know that I can choose to see things differently. When I do this my experience becomes different. What I focus on, I give my energy to. This energy exchange compounds when I resist what I see.

I do not choose to resist, but rather to see things differently.

I see the Internet as the potential for free expression of thought and commerce. I also see the efforts being made by those who wish to stiffle the Internets’ spontaneous growth.

Those who feel a need to control the Internet for their own purposes, are driven by the fear it will loosen their control over the world they perceive. That may be true. The Internet has the potential to change everything.

The Internet has the potential to grant worldwide Freedom of thought and information exchange. It also has the potential for the control of all that information.

I am surprised no one sees the sleeping Dragon in our midst. It currently directs 80% of the traffic on the Internet. It controls what you see and where you are directed for information.

A twitch and whole continents no longer communicate. Talk of the “wrong” subjects, and your blog can be erased, or traffic misdirected in an instant.

The sleeping Dragon acts without conscience. Few see how easily it can be misdirected even in its slumber.

CERN is currently creating what they call a Virtual Internet. It will gather the Internet under one controlling system worldwide. The Virtual Internet is being brought online now and will be fully functional by 2012.

The software is already created that will know in an instant anything and everything about anyone. Who will control the Future Internet and the software directing it is yet to be seen.

I choose to support Open Source software and the enterprises it has spawned. I believe that the free sharing of ideas for a common good provides more benefit than profits for a few.

My energies are now directed toward supporting this free flow of information on the Internet. I see a need for the balance of information exchange and commerce within the worldwide Internet community.

I direct my energies toward seeking a more perfect balance in my Internet experience, because my Internet experience is a large part of my current life experience.

I prefer happy experiences, and I hope that is what your Internet hours bring you as well.

Smiles. ET

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Blogging Mini-Tips

It is interesting to see how quickly things can turn around. I am seeing that I can directly impact the numbers of viewers on my blog on a daily basis.

My blog is quite young and I am not dealing with big numbers. Still there are patterns that are emerging. My readers view an average of 1.5 posts. They average 1.3 minutes on a page.

I create the most impact on these numbers by posting. I average five posts a week. I can increase my traffic by posting more often. Each post puts my blog on the WordPress tag pages and that means readers.

I average 26 readers for each post I write. When I post more often, I know that over a period of time each post means about twenty six more readers on Uduzit. When I add an extra post per week, I will see 100 additional visitors as a result.

Yesterday, I wrote a post called,The Sitemeter World Map”. It is about free software programs, and some of their special features.

The post focused on how the world maps of these statistical analysis programs, gives me a view of where my readers are coming from. I did a moment about how we connect using the Internet, and then settled in to a comparison of the visitor maps of each stats program.

When I was proofing this post before publishing, I saw that it had many improvements over my earlier posts. I could see the things I had been advised to do to make my post easier to find. I saw the things I am doing to help the Search engines find my posts.

Here is a list of things I did to make my post more visible to my readers and the Search Engines.

1. I included an image. I bold typed some key words. I created two links in the post to the homepages of the free software programs I was discussing.

I note here that “free software” is a keyword Google has ranked for Uduzit.

When I wander off my keywords, I see my Google ranking falls. To introduce a new subject, I will post several related posts and then move back to a keyword related post. It is great to try new subjects, but I have learned to get back to my main keywords quickly.

2. I also include the name of my blog in my posts by reference. It is a unique name and the Search Engines pick it up. Go ahead, Google the word “Uduzit.” It comes up with pages of results.

Really. Try it. You won’t see how many results this creates unless you check it out. Heck, stick around. Search results for “Uduzit” currently create nine pages of Goggle Search results.

Nine pages and growing!

Connect a unique word to your blog and the Search Engines will crawl it, rank it, and output every result. Those results will ultimately turn in to many Google Search pages for your blog.

3. In this post I shared a couple of simple tips that help improve a blog. I share the ones that I have road tested and found have a good track record for results.

4. I also did two trackbacks with my post. That was a first. Trackbacks link my blog to other sites. Hopefully they will link back on some occasion.

Links with other blogs impacts your Google rankings.

My understanding is that trackbacks are like a note to the other blog publisher. It lets them know you have read their blog, and considered one of their posts important enough to link to from your own blog.

It all sets up a process of blogs linking to blogs with similar subject matter. That is what Google is looking for. You make the Search Engines happy and they show it!

It has been a good day for writing. Give these tips a try. Let me know if you found them useful.

Have a great day.

Smiles. ET

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