Playing a Game

Recently, I have become totally engrossed in an online game called Eve. It is a MMOP game, which means a lot of other people are online at one time playing the game with you.

Alice may have had her rabbit hole, but I think I have found my Matrix. This game astounds me in its detail and logical complexity.

In Eve, I am a miner and have half a dozen ships. I have a light frigate fighter, a hot shot fighter with missiles and combat drones and a mining Frigate with major ore-pumping mining lasers.

I am now working on loading secure containers at asteroids with ore, by pumping it from the mining frigate cargo hold to these large containers. Two containers fill my huge Transport, and that is how I haul them back to the station and refine the ore into cash.

The Transport is designed to haul containers of ore, or commercial freight, all over the galaxy. It has four times the armor, structure, and shield of anything else I own in my budding fleet.

You can set up your own mining colony, invite people to join your Operation, and refine your own ore. This game just goes on and on.

There is so much to learn, but so much to play with all along the way. I have always wished for a game I could really involve myself in and I have found it. Yea!

There are dozens of roles and careers you can choose. They are all extremely detailed and it involves connecting with a lot of other players to get things done.

You don’t succeed at Eve alone.

If you enjoy the detail stuff; you can manufacture and build everything you need from blueprints. Personally, I prefer to mine, and then buy what I need in the Market. Each person can find their niche, and develop their own style of game play.

Eve has a fourteen day free trial. You can link to the free trial at Galaxy Voyager. I was hooked in a week and it costs me about fifteen dollars a month to subscribe to Eve. It works on Windows and it works on Linux!

The game graphics are extraordinary. The amount of choice and involvement in the game amaze me.

Eve is a walk out an invisible path to the Universe, and there is plenty of support along the way. Hope you find the experience enjoyable.

Smiles. ET

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Me and the Internet

It has become very clear to me that my life is directed by the choices I make. I am watching those choices more closely.

Roses also have thorns

Roses also have thorns

I know that my thoughts and actions put energy into Life. I am a part of the total mix. I contribute to it, and am affected by all that happens in my life as a result.

I know that I can choose to see things differently. When I do this my experience becomes different. What I focus on, I give my energy to. This energy exchange compounds when I resist what I see.

I do not choose to resist, but rather to see things differently.

I see the Internet as the potential for free expression of thought and commerce. I also see the efforts being made by those who wish to stiffle the Internets’ spontaneous growth.

Those who feel a need to control the Internet for their own purposes, are driven by the fear it will loosen their control over the world they perceive. That may be true. The Internet has the potential to change everything.

The Internet has the potential to grant worldwide Freedom of thought and information exchange. It also has the potential for the control of all that information.

I am surprised no one sees the sleeping Dragon in our midst. It currently directs 80% of the traffic on the Internet. It controls what you see and where you are directed for information.

A twitch and whole continents no longer communicate. Talk of the “wrong” subjects, and your blog can be erased, or traffic misdirected in an instant.

The sleeping Dragon acts without conscience. Few see how easily it can be misdirected even in its slumber.

CERN is currently creating what they call a Virtual Internet. It will gather the Internet under one controlling system worldwide. The Virtual Internet is being brought online now and will be fully functional by 2012.

The software is already created that will know in an instant anything and everything about anyone. Who will control the Future Internet and the software directing it is yet to be seen.

I choose to support Open Source software and the enterprises it has spawned. I believe that the free sharing of ideas for a common good provides more benefit than profits for a few.

My energies are now directed toward supporting this free flow of information on the Internet. I see a need for the balance of information exchange and commerce within the worldwide Internet community.

I direct my energies toward seeking a more perfect balance in my Internet experience, because my Internet experience is a large part of my current life experience.

I prefer happy experiences, and I hope that is what your Internet hours bring you as well.

Smiles. ET

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The Big Look at Blog Stats

About a month ago I went on search for stats programs that would work with my blog. I was able to compare the results of three stat counters; WordPress, Sitemeter, and Statcounter.

Most free software for Windows is free for thirty days. I am running in to that situation with Internet Download Manager on my IBM R51 now. In that time I have also filled my “free” project log at Statcounter.

I was excited to see I could download a log from Statcounter for Excel. It turned out to be a running list of my log entries. That is interesting, but doesn’t provide much information I can use.

Now that my free Project log at Statcounter is complete, I will have to pay to have continuous stats, or continue free on a month by month basis with a new log each month.

With Sitemeter I found that their “free” log holds 10,000 entries. I can have a continuous record of my stats over a longer period of time for free with them. When I decide to pay for a stats service, Sitemeter is my choice.

The depth of information available on Sitemeter still amazes me. Their charts and graphs present the information I need so simply. Their world map isn’t as neat as the one Statcounter has, but that is the only area in which I don’t feel Sitemeter excels.

Once I self-host my own domain, and can use Java on my blog, the keyword and referral source information on Sitemeter become available to me. I will also be able to use Mint on my own domain using free WordPress software.

These stat programs have allowed me to see that half the visitors from my blog come from the United States, one quarter from Europe, and the rest from 19 other countries around the world. Welcome everyone!

Basically, my stats page gives me information on referrals sources and page views. This is solid information, but leaves out the people factor. I have also been interested to find that my WordPress numbers match those provided by my other stat services.

I have mentioned in the past that I have found some problems with the chart presentation of WordPress “page” and “syndicated” views. The lighter color blue used for syndicated views causes them to disappear behind the more numerous and darker colored page views on the WordPress graphs.

Over a month’s time I have learned to zip through my stats a couple of times a day to see what is happening on my blog. It doesn’t take much time, but I can see so much more that is happening using Sitemeter in combination with my WordPress stats on my blog.

I can even see now that I average at least one visitor an hour on my blog, sixteen to twenty hours a day. That’s special. You all keep coming back now.

Many Smiles. ET

Guatemala Work Day

I smile thinking of myself going off to work each day. I will have my office and my canine friend Harry by my side. The little house is a bright and airy space. It is 100 feet from my bedroom. I like that during rainy season.

Life has a more simple flow now. I do not need the bars and tourists to validate who I am here. I am happy slipping back into the shadows of San Pedro’s ex-patriot community.

I have looked, but there is little to draw me to the bars. Yes, I like having a night out, but it is different now. I don’t need the bar scene to have a reference point to where I fit in San Pedro.

Actually, I don’t fit here. I don’t fit anywhere exactly. I have found I do fit out there. Hundreds of people from all over the world connect with my thoughts every week through my blog. I find that amazing.

Experiencing someone in my immediate presence happens on multiple levels. They have a body, opinions, and frequently talk about a lot of things I am not interested in. Somehow we get through it.

When I blog I send out a gift. I say, “Here are my questions, and the answers I have found.” I share common interests with others. I attempt to send them off in directions useful to their search.

I wished to a part of creating a New Day in the Mayan 2012 world. The World after 2012 is said to be one where we no longer use money to create what we wish.

That sounds wonderful, but I questioned how I could live in a world where I gave my creations to others for free. I have found some interesting answers.

First, I found the free services of Then, I became involved with more “free” stuff with Ubuntu and Open Source Software. Now, I learn of all the free books available online through the Project Gutenberg Community.

People are giving freely all around me. They are sharing their ideas and creations. They are producing free software that equals, or surpasses, what the commercial world demands payment for.

I decided I could join in by making use of what the software folks were creating. Now every tool I need to share my writing with others is offered to me for free. This creates a circle of giving with quite a magical flow.

I have found the answer to my question. I do not need to wait to see how this “sharing freely” can work out. I am experiencing it in my daily life right now.

It appears the seeds of a perfect tomorrow are being sown in life today.

Smiles. ET

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