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How to Get Answers

There is an answer here that you have been searching for. You ask, you receive. Answers appear when you start asking questions. That is how Spirit works. It is a very predictable process.

Needing Better Answers

I once had a professor who asked me, if I knew where I was heading with my life. I answered, “No,” and that answer got me a ticket to Viet Nam. I realized I needed better answers.

What Works

Having had a lot of experience with things that don’t work, I set a goal to find what does work. To do that, I had to find a process that could be measured. I had found a tool that could help. The tool was asking questions.

Setting Goals

To accomplish my weight loss goal, I had to keep the process simple. I knew I wanted to be healthier, and I believed that loosing weight would help me reach that goal. I thus had a goal within a goal.


Pay attention to what is happening around you. Slow it down, write it down. Look for the dots that connect. Enlist the help of your mind. Tell it what you are looking for, and coincidence will lift off the pages.

The Question

It’s easier to see the answer when you know the question.” ET

Quick Sulutions

When I have said,”I have a situation that needs a solution.” The results have been immediate and miraculous. I have had numerous times traveling when I have had what appeared to be hopeless situations to deal with. Then suddenly someone appeared with the solution.

Situations needing a solution

It is necessary to recognize there is a problem, in order to recognize the need for a solution. We have many personal problems for which we have found no solutions. To engage the problems of the world seems an overwhelming task.


Trusting in people, places, or things, doesn’t work. They change, and they do it without your permission. That’s the first lesson in trust.

Published on May 29, 2008 at 11:20 pm  Comments (4)  

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  1. Hello may I ask you some questions about your travels and living in Guatemala? I am trying to help a friend who is to relocate there, but I am seeking all the assitance I can get.

  2. Becky, This blog is about asking questions, and finding real answers.

    I provide some answers, but you must ask the question to get an answer to the question you ask.

    Ask and you shall receive.

    Beyond that, I ask, what is your question?

    And Becky, quit testing the process through asking for answers for others.

    What is your question? You are here looking for something.

    This process of asking questions and getting answers will work for you too!

    What is your question?

    And after thinking about that for abit….


  3. I’ve enjoyed your blog. I am moving to Guatemala and would like to hire a bilingual person who can help me with a variety of personal and professional things, someone who can help translate and go to appointments with me and so forth. I’ve found it extremely difficult to network online, unlike my experiences in Mexico, Argentina and elsewhere. Just wondered if you had any contacts.



  4. Hi Mark,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back with you.

    There are several cities where most folks settle when staying in Guatemala. I have contacts here at Lake Atitlan and in Antigua. One of my friends knows folks who teach language in other cities and can help you as well.

    Many multi-lingual teachers freelance here, doing the types of tasks you are looking for.

    Narrow what you need down some and I know the right person will appear.

    Many smiles,

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