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This is a compilation of posts on the Phoenix Mars Lander. Click on the post title to link to the full post. You can also find my current updates on this subject at Galaxy Voyager, my space exploration blog.

Smiles. ET

There’s Water on Mars

Today’s press conference for the Phoenix Mars Lander presented some fascinating information. All indications are that there is in fact water on Mars…..

Two Rovers Active on Mars

Whoever connected rocket science to the concept of confusion may have been right. Look at the NASA page on the Phoenix Mars Mission. You’ll get depressed. You will get confused. Then you will understand NASA is not talking about the current Mars Phoenix Lander, but rather a rover called Spirit. The Spirit rover landed on Mars a year ago and is still active…..

News From Under the Phoenix Mars Lander

Images from the Phoenix Mars Lander are returning very interesting information. The photos appear to be supporting the idea that there is a layer of solid ice just below the shallow soil surface of Mars. NASA states that the camera on the robotic arm took this picture…..

Phoenix Mars Lander Prepares to Unfold Arm

The Phoenix Mars Lander has already had its difficulties. Problems began when the parachute deployed seven seconds late, and put the Lander down 19 miles from its planned landing site. This has not been a major problem, since 19 miles on the Northern Plains of Mars doesn’t change the overall terrain very much…..

Phoenix has landed

Thought I would let all of you know, including those who might be holding their breath and not have checked the news, the Phoenix Mars Lander has landed safely…..

The Phoenix lands on Mars tonight

My concerns today are small potatoes compared to what the boys at NASA are experiencing. Ten months ago they sent the Phoenix Lander off to Mars. Yep, ten months out in space and it is due to land on Mars tonight…..

Flight of the Phoenix to Mars:

This is an animation of the Phoenix Landing arriving at Mars and performing the entry process to the Martian surface…..

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