The Sitemeter World Map

The world map fascinates me. I look at the world map on my Sitemeter stats program and see the Earth stretched out before me. That map gives me a different perspective on things. I can see how we all are connected across the world by the Internet.

What caught my interest today was a band of green dots that went almost in a straight line across the map. It started in Northern California (San Leandro) and went through Sedona, Arizona. There was a break, and then Nashville appeared. The next green dot went to where I grew up (Buffalo, NY,) and moved on to New York City.

Then another green dot for Maine (Buxton) and next a jump across the Atlantic Ocean to London. I find London interesting. I get page views from the City of London. My dots appear to follow lines heading to London.

I also see another line of dots that appears on the Sitemeter map. It begins down around Bisbane, Autralia, and sometimes extends outward to New Zealand. These dots begin a line that travels through Gaza and France, and once again ends in London.

The lines were so obvious today and thats why I was staring at them. For a week that line from London to Australia had disappeared and it was forming again. Then Pop! The little red dot that shows you were your last visitor came from suddenly moved. I didn’t know it could do that.

Sitemeter StatiisticsThat Sitemeter red dot jumped from Nashville to Medicine Hat, Alberta. A moment ago it moved to Hillsborough, North Carolina. This is fun. This is watching your blog pulse with Life! Who would have thought that a stats program could provide real-time entertainment.

Statcounter also has a great world map they put stick pins in to show you where your visitors can from. I don’t think their comes alive the same way the Sitemeter world map does. Let me know if you have an answer to that question. Anyway, the Statcounter map has numerous ways you can view it, so it is far from being static.

There are a number of posts here on Uduzit comparing the features of Sitemeter and Statcounter. they both offer a free stat program, and perform exactly as claimed. The numbers each of these programs provide will help make the people who visit your blog a more real experience. You will know the towns your visitors are coming from, and those towns may well be scattered all over the world.

I’ll be putting up a page shortly with all the Uduzit stats posts. It has been a popular subject here. Please keep checking the right column on Uduzit for new pages. Each page comiles the posts on a particular subject. Look to the right.

Oops, darn if that little red dot didn’t just jump again. I need to go see if that is you.

Smiles. ET

Stats and Coffee

This morning I had stats with my coffee. It was a pleasant experience, because I had new things to look at with my freshly installed Site Meter and Stat Counter services. Both programs monitor my WordPress blog traffic, and are working wonderfully.

In the past, my stats were just numbers. They represented page views. Now, my stats are giving those numbers new meaning. My stats now give me information about the actual people who visit my blog.

This morning, half my blog visitors came from the States. They arrived from all Four Directions, from cities all across the country. There were also visitors from Slovakia, United Kingdom, India, Israel, and Ireland. Imagine that.

My readers are becoming much more real to me. I like that. I also like that with Stat Counter I can see all my posts on a list ranked by popularity. On one page, I can see which posts have attracted interest, and how long posts are staying on the charts.

The Stat Counter full-page world maps, and visitor location displays are First Class. Lenka, made an important comment on yesterdays post about these programs. She noted that Stat Counter, may be free, but with limits.

Checking this out, I find Stat Counter provides free stats to one and a half million websites. They state that each of your projects can include multiple pages, but all views count toward that projects’ “free” limit of 500 entries.

When you reach that limit, your oldest record is replaced by your newest entry. Your project remains active when you reach the free limit. You just have old entries disappearing.

If you wish to maintain active records for a longer period, you can pay $9 a month to raise your limit to 1500 per project. Stat Counter is still free, but free has limits.

Site Meter appears less fancy, but it clearly lays out the direction your traffic, past and future. I enjoy their Traffic Projection page, because I no longer need to attempt to do this math myself.

With the Site Meter feature “Who’s On,” you can see all your blogs activity over the past twenty minutes. When things are active, this can be great entertainment. Simple pleasures for simple people.

With Site Meter you can have additiional features for some more money. You can raise your monthly page views above the 100,000 free limit, by paying $6.95 more per month. For most folks, using this program will not not cost money.

It has been a wonderful morning drinking delicious Guatemala coffee, while meeting the new people who are visiting my blog. Who could ask for anything more?

Hope your day is grand as well.

Smiles. ET

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Growing a Blog

Uduzit is showing steady signs of growth. Even had my first “big” post a couple of weeks ago. I have been fascinated watching all the numbers grow on my stats page. The pings are happening, and real comments do pop up occasionally.

My more popular posts relate to Open Source software and computing. My syndicated hits are averaging a dozen per post. That happens even on posts getting no direct readership. Good tags appear to help syndicated views. Some posts take right off, and others seen to linger.

Give a post a couple of days and someone makes a direct view. Direct views rule WordPress stats, but to me syndicated views are important too. I am new at blogging, and little numbers are big numbers, when it comes to how many people see my posts.

It is nice to know my syndicated views are growing steadily. They frequently exceed my direct views on posts, at least when a post first appears. It is amazing for me to see that in my combined stats, six hundred people read what I posted last week.

If I ever needed reinforcement to keep on blogging, it is in these figures, I smile at the upward climb of the numbers on my stats page. I am seeing patterns in how posts are read. Some posts take off with a bang, and others are like those batteries that just keep on going.

I enjoy writing about the everyday things I do and feel. I tell short stories. I see my writing style is developing, and my posts are gaining a certain flow. I like that all of this is taking less effort as I keep on posting.

So newbie bloggers like me, do not despair. Keep on posting and you will see that your readership is growing. You will see the proof on your stats page. It just gets better and better.

Smiles. ET

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