Blogging Mini-Tips

It is interesting to see how quickly things can turn around. I am seeing that I can directly impact the numbers of viewers on my blog on a daily basis.

My blog is quite young and I am not dealing with big numbers. Still there are patterns that are emerging. My readers view an average of 1.5 posts. They average 1.3 minutes on a page.

I create the most impact on these numbers by posting. I average five posts a week. I can increase my traffic by posting more often. Each post puts my blog on the WordPress tag pages and that means readers.

I average 26 readers for each post I write. When I post more often, I know that over a period of time each post means about twenty six more readers on Uduzit. When I add an extra post per week, I will see 100 additional visitors as a result.

Yesterday, I wrote a post called,The Sitemeter World Map”. It is about free software programs, and some of their special features.

The post focused on how the world maps of these statistical analysis programs, gives me a view of where my readers are coming from. I did a moment about how we connect using the Internet, and then settled in to a comparison of the visitor maps of each stats program.

When I was proofing this post before publishing, I saw that it had many improvements over my earlier posts. I could see the things I had been advised to do to make my post easier to find. I saw the things I am doing to help the Search engines find my posts.

Here is a list of things I did to make my post more visible to my readers and the Search Engines.

1. I included an image. I bold typed some key words. I created two links in the post to the homepages of the free software programs I was discussing.

I note here that “free software” is a keyword Google has ranked for Uduzit.

When I wander off my keywords, I see my Google ranking falls. To introduce a new subject, I will post several related posts and then move back to a keyword related post. It is great to try new subjects, but I have learned to get back to my main keywords quickly.

2. I also include the name of my blog in my posts by reference. It is a unique name and the Search Engines pick it up. Go ahead, Google the word “Uduzit.” It comes up with pages of results.

Really. Try it. You won’t see how many results this creates unless you check it out. Heck, stick around. Search results for “Uduzit” currently create nine pages of Goggle Search results.

Nine pages and growing!

Connect a unique word to your blog and the Search Engines will crawl it, rank it, and output every result. Those results will ultimately turn in to many Google Search pages for your blog.

3. In this post I shared a couple of simple tips that help improve a blog. I share the ones that I have road tested and found have a good track record for results.

4. I also did two trackbacks with my post. That was a first. Trackbacks link my blog to other sites. Hopefully they will link back on some occasion.

Links with other blogs impacts your Google rankings.

My understanding is that trackbacks are like a note to the other blog publisher. It lets them know you have read their blog, and considered one of their posts important enough to link to from your own blog.

It all sets up a process of blogs linking to blogs with similar subject matter. That is what Google is looking for. You make the Search Engines happy and they show it!

It has been a good day for writing. Give these tips a try. Let me know if you found them useful.

Have a great day.

Smiles. ET

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Where Did Everyone Go?

The past several days I have had a huge drop in my blog traffic.

Everyone from Europe has disappeared. That is major hit to my traffic, because they represent half my readers. Hot weather, and football championships, may be more competition than my blog can handle.

I don’t think Uduzit is dead; it just needs resurrected. There are some things I have missed along the way, and I will fix them while things are quiet. Whatever is causing this blockage will not last. It can’t. Things always change. Something new will happen.

I had a few hits Sunday, and I also posted. I have posted six times on Uduzit recently about the Mars Lander. Space exploration fascinates me. I really like telescopes and rockets too!

So, I am moving that material to a new blog called Galaxy Voyager over at Blogger.

I put up four posts on my new blog yesterday. It was a very quick process, and the Blogger interface is very simple to use. I created a blog list with thirteen entries, and put AdSense ads on my site.

I am monetized. It was fun, and I got through the process with Google quite easily.

My new blog has a nice clean design. The simple interface works well for posting and blog administration. It was easy to link to all my stat services. I  listed with Technorati and Google as my main Search Engine listings, though I will use FeedShot to list with ten more. That will take care of the Search Engines, and tomorrow I will make sure my RSS feeds are working by viewing them on my blog reader.

I really enjoy WordPress, but I find the Blogger software much simpler to use. I have learned a great deal about blogging with, and I am applying those lessons in this new blogging adventure. I will continue with WordPress, but I am more confident now in exploring other blog services. So, watch out True Type, here I come!

Links and RSS feed insertion also went easily with Blogger. My biggest problem in the whole process was forgetting to save my changes. I did learn.

Blogger allows Java on its blogs. As a result, I can have a whole new range of keyword and referral source stats to explore.

I used keywords and tags that fit my subject while designing my main blog page.  I used these same keywords when I listed my blog with Technorati and Google. . 

I linked back to Uduzit in posts from my new blog. While I was at it, I put Uduzit on my Galaxy Voyager blog list too!

This morning I wrote emails to other blog publishers I have linked to. I am realizing that Search Engines rank links between sites very highly. The emails seemed like a good way to meet other blogger’s who are writing about similar subjects.

It took awhile, but I have learned the importance of a blog list.

I see a blog list can be a great resource for my readers, and it can also benefit my Search Engine ratings. A blog list went on my new site the first day. I have been slow to do that on Uduzit.

It was fun to put together my new list of favorite blogs on space exploration. I spent an enjoyable day surfing the Internet locating them, and know they were the best I saw. My new blog, Galaxy Voyager is about Space Exploration. I am sure that I will find more great sites to add to my blog list as time goes on.

Along with my blog list, I made sure that my RSS feeds were set up correctly for Galaxy Voyager. I noticed two posts on Uduzit recently that had high syndicated feed results. Feeds pushed my numbers on those posts up by one-third. I think syndicated feeds kick my overall numbers up by about twenty percent. I will know more about this as I check out my new Java enabled stats results on Galaxy Voyager.

I will continue Uduzit for as long folks come to visit.

Search Engines really like blogs that are focused on one subject. I have wandered a bit with my subject matter on Uduzit, but it has helped me find subject matter both my readers and I enjoy. With Uduzit I will be talking more about health, diet, and lifestyle in the near future. Lifestyle posts will be about living in Guatemala, which many of you seem to enjoy. Oh, and then there is blogging, ebooks, laptops, software…

Smiles. ET

Disappearing Syndicated Views

Recently, I’ve done a number of posts on Uduzit regarding WordPress stats. The focus has been on syndicated views and how you can see them in your stat charts.

A number of folks have made comment that their syndicated views have disappeared. The other day I wrote that syndicated views might be disappearing behind direct page views. I wasn’t sure why it was happening, but I felt that was the answer.

So, I went to the stat charts of each of my more active posts. The longer they had been active, the easier the answer is to see. It doesn’t take big numbers, just consistent numbers, to see the answer.

On my stat charts, appearing as a little blue peak here, and a little blue peak there, were my syndicated views. It was like looking at a mountain range, and my syndicated views were way off in the distance.

I realized what was happening, when I realized the colors are reversed on WordPress stat charts, at least they are when you wish to see the syndicated views.

Choosing a dark color for direct views, means that when my direct view count is higher, the lighter colored syndicated views are gone. Syndicated views are overpowered by the darker color blue used to show my direct views.

When you start spotting those little lighter blue peaks behind the darker blue peaks, you will know syndicated views are coming in to your blog. They are usually fewer than your direct views, and now we know why we seldom see them.

Syndicated views are important to our blogs, and will grow in importance. They let you know if your blogging world extends beyond WordPress.

I know there is an easy solution for resolving this situation. Just a matter of finding the right person to handle it. Possibly the answer, is taking the idea to a WordPress Forum.

I like seeing syndicated views on my stats charts.. They are like frosting on the cake. Desert is nice sometimes.

Smiles. ET

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WordPress “Possibly Related Posts” Feature

This week something new appeared on my blog. The folks at WordPress have added something new at the bottom of my posts. It is a new feature called, “Possibly Related Posts.” This feature does appear to live up to its name.

The most noticeable point here is the word “possibly.” The links I now see put at the bottom of each of my posts are sometimes good, but mostly confusing. I am even more confused why WordPress wishes to take my readers off my blog, just as they are getting to the Comment Section of my post.

I realize the idea is to help folks see other posts on WordPress with subject matter related to what they just read in my post. The connections the computer makes in putting all this together are currently somewhat distant. Personally, I’d rather see the computer put together a list of related posts from my blog first. Then the “possibly” part of this feature might not seem so obvious.

If this feature annoys you, disable it. Go to your blog Dashboard and click on the Design link. Once there, click Extras link directly below Design. There you will find a box that says, “Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on others blogs or get traffic that way.” That almost sounds like a threat.

On the other hand, this feature may benefit your blog. You may already be seeing increased traffic. You will have to weigh the benefits and make a decision. You may wish for all this to be sorted out before you use it. Should you decide the problems outweigh the benefits, then put a check in that little box. Don’t forget to hit the Update button.

WordPress says they will soon release an update that will allow us to sort through these links and block those we don’t want. Personally, That sounds like a lot of editing after a post has been submitted, but time will tell.

Before you shut this feature off, you might wish to check your stats for the past week. Are your page views up? Do you see more WordPress tag related referrals? Maybe this feature isn’t all bad, and you just need to give time. That’s your choice.

Maybe, maybe not, that is the question. Smiles. ET

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Blog Search Engines Savvy, Part One

Terms, Tags, and Categories

My relationship with search engines has been confusing. They know what they are doing, but they don’t always say it upfront. Along the way though, I have found some answers that are working. People search, and they find, and sometimes they find my blog.

Many people find the posts they read using the search function, on their browser, blog, or favorite search page. Some use RSS feeds, but more on that later. Search engines, and community blogging sites, are excellent tools to let folks know how to find your blog.

People search the Internet by using search terms. These terms may be single words, or phrases of words. I see people using search phrases that find my posts by name. Name your posts so people can find them by the subject you are writing about.

What you call your post is important to the search engines. Your post tags should give a general idea of your subject, and details like model numbers that people might search for. When you use tags that are popular keywords, people will visit your blog regularly. Some may even come back.

When I started blogging, “Register your blog with Google,” was the first instruction I heard from WordPress in regard to search engines. I did that several months ago, and now see the search terms folks use on Google to reach Uduzit. It may take awhile, but it does happen.

When I set up my blog, I was led to believe that Categories and Tags were basically the same. The use of either didn’t seem to matter. My experience is that Tags and Categories each have their value on a blog. Categories are great for organizing posts, and search engines appear to like tags.

Google and Yahoo, have eighty percent of the search traffic. Google seems to index everyone, while Yahoo only seems interested in listing you when you are doing business on your website, or blog.

Communities of bloggers

There are also communities of people with whom you can share your blog. Most everyone has heard of Facebook, and there are also actual blogging communities. WordPress, The Hub, and Technorati, each have large communities of people who communicate with each other.

We’ll explore more on blogging communities later. Right now, if you are a newbie blogger, focus on getting listed with Google and Technorati.

In Part Two, I will write about how you can connect with other search engines and communities. I know they have listed my blog. To me, that means they are “little” blog friendly. I like that.

Smiles. ET

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