Writing a Friends and Family Letter for your blog

I created a newsletter to my friends and family. Next day my direct page views were higher than normal, someone left a wonderful comment, and a lot of hits came in from Facebook. It was a good day, and best of all, I received great emails from my best friend, and my oldest son as a result.

I was surprised that I had 20 people to place on my Friends and Family List. That is what WordPress suggested would happen, providing I would take the time to prepare the list. I hope some of the folks on that list will check out Uduzit regularly. I know few will, but that is OK too.

When those closest to me wish to know what I have been doing, they have a place to look now. They may hear thoughts and feelings they didn’t know I had. Within my posts are stories that may have a deeper meaning for some. Those closest to me may know the history behind the lessons I have learned, and the stories that I write.

In Yahoo, I created a new list from my address book. I had always wanted a list of those people I most wished to stay in contact with. I think of them often, though they aren’t always the people to whom I write.

Making this list was worth my time. I can now contact my friends and family very easily, and I can also get them important information when necessary. That works well when Internet connections are minimal and bad weather may be causing everyone concerns.

Once I pull up my Friends and Family List on Yahoo, I go to the top of the page where the link allows me to compose one email that is sent to everyone on my list. I cut and paste from my text editor and put my text in to the message area. That saves me from retyping the same basic info to twenty different people.

After I have given my basic news, and mentioned my blog, I then add a special area of comments directed individually to each person on my list. I may ask how their health is, or how their special interests are going.

This is an easy way to keep up with birthday’s too, especially if the happy person is off celebrating. I may also comment on what I know is happening in their life, and I always let them known I am thinking of them personally, not just a name on a list. I do this simply with a “I miss you,” or a “I love you.”

I also put “Hi everyone..it’s (me,)” in the subject line to catch the attention of those I send my email to. I have done newsletters before, but never explored how much it would help me to stay in touch with those I love while living here in Guatemala.

That is about all there is to it. Oh yes, don’t forget to push the send button. Smiles. ET