Harry’s Back Home

Harry’s back home. We have been having a blow the last several days. Casa Cortez has felt chilly outside, and the patio is not even being used by Harry. He slept in my room last night. He doesn’t like all the bluster outside either.

Harry is doing better. He is home again. He sees Jen everyday and bounces around like a puppy when she arrives. If she is distracted by humans on her arrival, and not paying attention to Harry, he begins to bark at her.

He walks with Jen, day or night, and now accepts when she brings him home to Casa Cortez. Harry knows what the command “stay” means. When it comes from Jen, he listens. What’s that about?

The first day Harry came back home, he ate like a St. Bernard. He disappeared right after dinner. I didn’t know it at the time, but he had a date with Jen. They were out late, but he was here in the morning.

So we are getting in to a rhythm again at Casa Cortez. Harry still spends time on the porch. even with the wind. He has a really good view from there. He gets first view of all our visitors. Harry seems to plan ahead a lot. I’m trying not too.

Smiles. ET

PS: To always know what Harry’s been up to, just put his name in Search. Now, look a little to your right. and you will see the Search button. Search will gather all the Uduzit posts about Harry on one page for you, and search works great with other subjects too. Thanks for stopping by. ET

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