I Love eBay Laptop Auctions

I love laptops. They never miss a beat. No system shutdowns, and no lost data when the lights go out. I can actually put my laptop out of sight in a matter of moments and see a non-digital world around me. I don’t do that very often.

Disconnecting all those wires is not a problem when you have a dock. The IBM mini-dock cost $229 new, but now sells on eBay for about $25. I won an auction and bought mine for $10.00, plus shipping.

Watch those shipping charges when you buy on eBay. An auction won at a great price, may not be such a value when you see the shipping costs. I recently won a floppy drive for my IBM T23 for one penny. I paid eight dollars by the time I received it.

Many eBay sellers make their profit off their shipping and handling charges. Buyer beware. So even knowing all this, I love to wander around the eBay auctions for things related to my computing needs. I also love to win auctions.

I win a lot of stuff that I don’t need, but think I might someday use. None of my computers has a floppy drive and I have a drawer full of floppy disks. Someday I might like to know what is on them. I wonder if I have any software that will read those old files.

It really was fun winning that auction. ET

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