Fat, Sick, and Ugly

One day, I stepped back and took a look at myself. I didn’t need a mirror, I had a firm mental image of my life. It sucked! All my energy was going out, and it felt like nothing was returning. Something in my life needed to change.

I was fat and sick, and my life was ugly. Personally, I felt I was still a good looking guy, just in a larger edition. That worked for awhile, but then the health problems began to make me wonder how much control I had over my body.

The doctors who have helped me through the years have been highly skilled, but they didn’t know how to make me healthy. Their expertise lay in treating symptoms not cause. I trusted them, because their answers worked for awhile.

Then, I had confronted my personal physcian about the revolving door cycle caused by treating symptoms. I left his office vowing I would not return until I had found the answers I sought.

When I returned to my doctor a year later, he called me his success story. What he saw then was only the beginning.

I am a success story. My own.

I found the answers I needed. I followed through on what I learned and saw results. There is ninety pounds less of me now, but I am so much stronger. My health has returned, and with it came happiness.

I take no medications, though I was told I would take them for the rest of my life. I once had days when I would take over thirty pills, involving seven medications. I think I took an asprin a few months ago for something.

My weight loss was a large part of the reason the symptoms of Type II diabetes left my life. I also no longer have angina, and I walk up four flights of stairs daily without being out of breath, or feeling any tightness in my chest.

I had a major heart attack at age 45, and have had two heart by-pass surgury operations. My heart has seven by-pass grafts. My cardiologist said, either his tests were screwed up, or I have had a miracle.

There is no order of difficulty for miracles. I have experienced them, large and small. I can’t guarantee you miracles, but I am very willing to show you the path where I found them.

My answers may not be your answers. I can only say that the path I took to find my answers did work. I am a gatekeeper, with a special key to a path of new answers and hope. I’ll open the gate and show you the path.

The journey, from that point on, is your own.

Many Smiles. ET


Learning to ask questions and listen to the answers, is a very special tool in this process.

I will put up a page this weekend with all my posts on the subject of asking questions. You can also use the Search function, if you wish to explore this idea further now.

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How to Loose Weight

Wow, it sure appears I am going off subject today, but that’s because you may have missed some earlier topics I discussed here on Uduzit. Actually, this is the fourth post I am doing on the subject of weight loss.

I was tag surfing on WordPress this morning and found a post that hit me in the heart. I know the pain and the confusion of being overweight. I knew it was impacting my health issues. My problem was, I couldn’t find anyone with answers.

Then I started asking questions, and yes, there are a number of posts here on that subject. When I asked questions I got the answers I needed. I just had to hear them.

While I was making my list of questions, I realized I needed information about cause, not symptoms.

Being overweight is about me taking in more calories than I needed. Excess weight is about excess calories, and no the answer is not exercise. The answer is about how many calories reach my stomach.

When I realized the industries that feed the government “facts,” I realized that the presentation of some information may be a bit biased. I looked at the recommended food pyramid for Americans, and started laughing.

I went to the chart on how many calories I was to eat each day for fats and carbohydrates. That was the eye opener. It was recommended I eat 1500 calories a day in carbs, and 500 grams of fat for my weight goals.

Something appeared out of balance. Sugar is like nitro, and fat is like diesel, when we realize we are talking about the fuel that runs our body. Nitro is a quick burn, and diesel fuel is a slow burner. Problem is, excess fuel gets stored, not burned.

I realized that sugar was my nitro. It gave me a quick energy rush, and when I didn’t burn it up, I carried it around. I realized my weight problem started at my mouth, and was caused by how I thought my body should be fueled.

Learning how to get my body running on less sugar became my goal. It was quite easy, and I used the Atkins diet for guidance. Eating a few hundred calories less sugar each day, became an easy task as my metabolism changed to burning fats.

This sounds simple and it is. I just had to learn some new ways to eat, and that has been fun. I eat everything and anything I wish now. My portions also became smaller, and as they did, I became smaller too!

Smiles. ET  

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