Great stat add-ons for WP blogs

It is easy to see from my post views, that many of you are also interested in who is visiting your blogs. There is a great deal of information available from free stat services, that is not available in the current WordPress stats application.

In my recent posts, there has been a lot of grumbling about the short comings of WordPress stats. I had difficulty finding the programs that were compatible with my hosted blog. I have now found some excellent solutions.

In my search for better stats, I found the programs I was seeking were located under the search term “site counters,” in the WordPress FAQ section.

Two of these stats services are now running on my blog, and they are free.

The first service I installed was Site Meter. The amount of detailed information they provide is astounding. I especially like the colored world map that shows were each reader came from.Knowing two thirds of WordPress visitors are from countries other than the US, this is a great feature.

Site Meter has a guided tour and you can get there from this page by clicking on the Site Meter icon in the right column.

Next, I installed Stat Counter. It calls you blog a Project and provides colored charts and a huge amount of varied data on visitor history. Site Counter seem to focus more on Search Engines and Keyword results as well.

Both Site Meter and Stat Counter provide extensive stats. They are both Internet based stat services that do not slow your blog down. Remember, just install straight HTML code for each. WordPress does not allow the Java Scripts.

The FAQ pages on WordPress are constantly being updated, though some have outdated information. Outdated information can throw you. Forget everything else you read. Just use the widget solution below.

Remember, these instructions work to install the proper HTML code for either of these new WordPress stats services:

  1. You will get the HTML code for your blog once you have set up your account. Copy these few lines of HTML code.

  2. Now go to your Design page, then hit the Widget link for your theme.

  3. Add a new Text Widget to your list of widgets.

  4. Open the new Text Widget.

  5. Put “Site Meter” or “Site Counter,” in the top box of the widget information. In the lower section, paste in your HTML code. Save your changes!

  6. Each service gets its’ own text widget. You can now have more than nine widgets on your WP blog. Nine’s an old rule.

Visit your account, at either website, and it will already be recording site visits. Even yours! Set the cookies they provide for blocking hits from your personal browsers. That way, you don’t throw off your results with your own page views.

There you have it. That is all you have to do to have great stats for your WordPress blog. Just install the widgets, and use both services at the same time. Now, you have mucho information to work with.

All this, while you still have your regular WordPress stats numbers too!

Many Smiles. ET