Love Breaks Rules

 Love Two









Normally I would expect that if I put a piglet in a tigers’ cage, I  have provided the tiger a snack. Put five piglets in the tigers’ cage and I have taken care of dinner. In my mind that is a high probability outcome, so I made it a rule.

Over time, I have noticed that there is one thing that will blow my rules out of the water when it enters the mix.

It is called Love.

Love Three










There are occasions when this is very easy to see. It just takes the right mix of circumstances.

A tiger with a broken heart, is a different tiger.

She is not hungry. She is depressed. She is making herself sick with her grief.

She has prematurely lost three cubs.

Into that void enters Love in a very special way.

It brings together piglets who need a mom, and a mom who needs to Love some babies.


Love One









It is nice to be reminded occasionally, how easy it is for Love to break the rules I assign to Life.

These pictures were taken In California, went to Anne in England, on to her brother Andy in Australia, and then to me in Guatemala. They have now reached you.

Love does break rules. It can show up anywhere. May it bless your Life today.

Smiles. ET

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One of Those Days

Blessing Day at Lake Atitlan

It is a blustery day, and we will likely have a shower later. It a beautiful day. I am pensive. I have been thinking.

I feel like a ping-pong ball in an air machine. Once in awhile I bump into something, but otherwise I am floating mid-air.

My appetite has disappeared. I have little interest in leaving the house. Food seldom calls. How long has it been since I have stood under the showerhead? Might have been longer than I realize.

Harry goes out for walks on his own. Only my addiction to tobacco, and my responsibility to feed Harry, drive me from my nest. I am very comfortable here. No drama. No chaos.

Looking at me, I would ask if I am depressed. Looking at me, I would answer, “No.” I am distracted. I have wandered in to an illusionary world.

It is called Cyberspace. It is the Internet. I know it enters my perception with its electronic dots and dashes, yet it is not there. It is an illussion.

I can’t touch it, yet it is touching my life. It does nothing for my appetite, yet totally occupies my time. Why do I give it so much of my life? I think I know.

There are people somewhere on the other end of those electronic dots and dashes. I search for them.

Today, one found me among all the distractions. She touched my heart, and that is very special.

I have a beautiful place where I live. I like staying home. Cyberspace is a part of my life and it is good. I like where I am, but my friends are scattered all over the world. We now connect in Cyberspace.

I think Harry is getting fat. Must be those extra home cooked extras in his bowl at night.

Staying home isn’t all bad, even for Harry. The Internet touches his life too. When I tell him friends have stopped by he listens. He knows there names. He knows Charli sent him a butt rub today from Australia. Harry’s happy too!

Smiles. ET

Would you like to know more about Harry and his friends?

Just run “Harry” in Search in the right column of this page, or check out the “Harry the Dog Page.”

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Finding a Low Carb Doctor

As my health problems got worse, my frustration with my doctors increased. They gave me advice, but it didn’t work out. I had doctors who were very good in their specialties, but most were uneducated in areas beyond their practice.

The outcomes of their advice were fascinating for me to watch. My cardiologist said I must stop smoking cigarettes. I switched to a pipe and took him in an article from the New England Journal of Medicine showing that there are none of the health concerns with pipe smoking that are connected to cigarettes. I think that is because you don’t inhale pipe smoke.The pipe worked for me, but by the time I got there I had gained thirty pounds.

I now know my overall weight gain was created by an excess of carbohydrates in my diet. I was addicted to sugar. When I broke that addiction, the weight literally fell off my body with ease. I lost ninety pounds, and my symptoms of Type II Diabetes disappeared. I no longer take any medications. After ten years of being led down blind alleys by my doctors, I stopped  following their advice. I learned they didn’t know what they were talking about when they got out of their specialty.

I worked as a member of the clinical staff at a medical school for eight years. I learned a great deal about doctors in those years. They are very human; more so when med students.

When the answers you are getting from trusted sources can not be trusted, you must find new answers. Stop asking blind men for directions. When you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got. Seek new answers!

Personally, I suspect that if you are reading this post, you are searching for new answers to your weight issues and related health problems. You are very close to finding answers that work.

It will help if you can find a doctor who understands the importance of lowering carbohydrates to effect weight loss. You shouldn’t have to educate your doctor in these matters. Find one who has found these answers themselves.

The CarbWire blog has an article about a list being created of LA physicians who are low-carb conscious. The list is growing daily, and there is a request for doctors names from other places for the list as well. This is a tremendous resource for those seeking medical care from doctors who understand this approach.  CarbWire is full of resources and information related to everything low-carb, do check it out.

This approach works for real weight loss that stays off. Enjoy.

Smiles. ET

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Fat, Sick, and Ugly

One day, I stepped back and took a look at myself. I didn’t need a mirror, I had a firm mental image of my life. It sucked! All my energy was going out, and it felt like nothing was returning. Something in my life needed to change.

I was fat and sick, and my life was ugly. Personally, I felt I was still a good looking guy, just in a larger edition. That worked for awhile, but then the health problems began to make me wonder how much control I had over my body.

The doctors who have helped me through the years have been highly skilled, but they didn’t know how to make me healthy. Their expertise lay in treating symptoms not cause. I trusted them, because their answers worked for awhile.

Then, I had confronted my personal physcian about the revolving door cycle caused by treating symptoms. I left his office vowing I would not return until I had found the answers I sought.

When I returned to my doctor a year later, he called me his success story. What he saw then was only the beginning.

I am a success story. My own.

I found the answers I needed. I followed through on what I learned and saw results. There is ninety pounds less of me now, but I am so much stronger. My health has returned, and with it came happiness.

I take no medications, though I was told I would take them for the rest of my life. I once had days when I would take over thirty pills, involving seven medications. I think I took an asprin a few months ago for something.

My weight loss was a large part of the reason the symptoms of Type II diabetes left my life. I also no longer have angina, and I walk up four flights of stairs daily without being out of breath, or feeling any tightness in my chest.

I had a major heart attack at age 45, and have had two heart by-pass surgury operations. My heart has seven by-pass grafts. My cardiologist said, either his tests were screwed up, or I have had a miracle.

There is no order of difficulty for miracles. I have experienced them, large and small. I can’t guarantee you miracles, but I am very willing to show you the path where I found them.

My answers may not be your answers. I can only say that the path I took to find my answers did work. I am a gatekeeper, with a special key to a path of new answers and hope. I’ll open the gate and show you the path.

The journey, from that point on, is your own.

Many Smiles. ET


Learning to ask questions and listen to the answers, is a very special tool in this process.

I will put up a page this weekend with all my posts on the subject of asking questions. You can also use the Search function, if you wish to explore this idea further now.

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