Story of Me

You and I both have stories. The stories are what our mind believes happened during past events we have experienced. These are our memories, and they hold the information our mind uses to tell us who we are.

Memories become stories. You hear enough stories and a lot of them start to sound very similar. I used to spend a lot of time listening to people’s stories. Now, people telling their stories, makes me sleepy.

I love knowing people as individuals, but that information usually fits in a rather small package. In reflection, I will keep my story short, but you will get to know me more as a person.

My story goes like this. I was a shining star in high school, with good enough grades to go to college. College kept me out of the military for a few years. Then I did a tour in Viet Nam. I got married, and then divorced.

I got married again and met some great people I call my kids. I got divorced and that hurt. Oh, did I mention the heart attack and triple bypass surgery at age forty-five. That got my attention.

By the I time I retired on disability, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and advanced Coronary Artery Disease. I didn’t like the symptoms I experienced with diabetes. Angina hurt, but diabetes attacked my whole life.

My second heart surgery didn’t help much, and the diabetes had me scared. I told my doctor he was great at prescribing medications, but he didn’t know how to help me not keep coming back for refills. I told him I’d get back with him when I had some answers.

I am now my doctors “success story.” It took awhile, but I have found some fascinating answers along the way. Here,

I speak from my own experience. I talk about what I has worked for me.

And let me share with you the meaning I give the word “success.” In the past I took seven medications daily. Now I take none. I have no symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease or Type II Diabetes. That is “success” for me.

I am also no longer addicted to sugar. I wear the same size pants as I did in high school. I lost seventy-five pounds to make that work, and I think high school is where this story began.

UDuzit is about seeing things differently. I sure didn’t accomplish what I have done by following standard medical procedures.

Ah Lil’ Whopper, “There are many pearls, but each must be found separately.”

My stories will be short and simple, my Essays a bit longer. My focus will be on solutions, not problems. I have found things that work for me and hope they will be useful for you as well. ET

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