Sandbox World

Personally, I think I’m a kid in a sandbox.

It’s a big sandbox, but I am learning my way around.

I have found that in a sandbox you need to pick your quiet times carefully. Otherwise, your whole world can disappear while your eyes are closed.

Smiles. ET

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Change creates ripples. Drama creates waves. I prefer ripples to waves. I can walk on ripples. So can you.

Smiles. ET

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Blog Stats in Perspective

It is Monday, another Monday. I like Mondays, even with the Evangelicals waking me with their music each week. They were subdued today.

The past couple of days have been slow motion. The Internet has gone geriatric, or maybe it is just me. Things seem very calm.

When my blog goes quiet, it is not normal. My visitors arrive on a very steady basis, then suddenly disappear for a whole day. I don’t know the reason for this, but I have better understanding of my blog stats because of it.
I am very fascinated to see that WordPress, Site Counter, and Stat Counter synchronize perfectly. There is just one difference. The time setting on WordPress is six hours off from my other stats programs due to GMT.
That small difference causes big changes in my numbers. What I perceive as a slow day on WordPress, appears quite normal in the other programs. It takes a day or two, but the numbers seem to all average out.

WordPress stats confuse me when I watch them too closely. I think the six hour difference in time is a part of that. I get concerned when things appear too quiet, yet see over time that everything levels out.

A smile comes from knowing my concern is caused by my own perceptions. Give anything a little time, and it looks differently. Concerns of the moment, look much smaller when seen in the Past.

My stats may bounce around, but they are giving me good information. In them I see that the moment is open to any interpretation I wish, but retrospect does give me better vision.
Smiles. ET

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Ever Notice

Lago Peten near Tikal at sunset

Ever notice, how the top half of the bag always seems to last longer than the bottom half, and how your razor lasts forever when you have a spare? Smiles. ET

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