Bringing the Money Home

When I realized I was spending one third of my monthly income on petroleum products, I saw I needed to do something different. I took a sharp look at all the ways my income was being drawn away from me.

I had moved to a rural area where the cost of living appeared less. Getting the supplies I needed became very costly as gasoline prices went up. I had a good plan with a flaw. It didn’t work where I lived. I began looking for better options.

That is one of the reasons I live in Guatemala. Here I use a bus to travel longer distances, an occasional mini-taxi for shorter trips, or a launch to cross the lake. My current expenditures for petroleum products are usually less than $25 a month living here.

I didn’t get here in one big jump. I did it in little steps. The first step was getting a passport. Then I could travel and check out new options. I believed there was a better option, and I feel I have found it.

A new life began when I admitted to myself that I wasn’t where I wished to be in my life. I made some serious changes. Now my money goes for my home, food, and purchasing an occasional toy. Toy choice is more simple here. There aren’t very many to choose from, so my money stays home longer now.

I like that. Smiles. ET

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Today, I am making a change. I am changing my lifestyle. There is a sense I should move slowly, but that won’t work. When I make small changes, they can have a big impact on my life, and I never really know what will happen till I make the jump.

I can’t stop what happens once I make a decision to change something. Change, becomes an experience akin to jumping in to a swimming pool. I don’t always enjoy the temperature, but it does seem to keep me moving. Sometimes, it is nice to see how quickly I can get out of the water.

I am wondering how long I will stick with my new choice. I have decided to eat out less. I will have to cook for myself again. I like to cook, but I don’t like washing the dishes. My goal is to save money. With more money, I can hire a housekeeper. The I won’t have to cook, or do the dishes. I think it is a great plan.

I have found that plans are strange. They seldom work out the way I think they are going to. It might have something to do with saving money, so I can spend it differently. All this has made me quite hungry. Darn, I forgot to buy groceries. ET

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Having just moved to a new country, I needed a driver’s license. So I hired a local driving instructor, but walked away puzzled. I found other instructors, but their techniques were the same.

Couldn’t figure out why these people wanted me to drive backwards, always looking in the rear view mirror?

I pondered the realities of living in a mountain village. It could be that driving backwards is a skill necessary to avoid being trampled by something bigger than my car. That thought got my attention.

Learning to drive backwards was strange, but the rules are quite clear. I have to remember where I am heading, see what’s coming toward me, and out run what’s after me.

From all this I came to understand that going backward, sometimes accomplishes the same thing as going forward. More important still, I was the one in the driver’s seat and learned I could choose to go any direction I wished.

Yet no matter my direction, my experiences are always created by my choices. I am the producer of the drama I call my life. Backward or forward, it has been a process of taking control of what I am producing.

Becoming responsible for what I experience, I have created a whole new life for myself. There is nothing I have done that you can not do yourself. It starts in knowing: U Duz It !   ET

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