Little Changes Big Results

Awhile back, I realized I had fallen in to a routine. It worked pretty well, but I hadn’t quite put together what I wished my days to be. Much of my time was spent writing, but the results were never read. I started exploring options.

Blogging helped me see how I can reach others with my words. Managing my blog from an Internet cafe in Guatemala provided some challenges. A solution came when the Internet arrived at my home in San Pedro. That one change created many results.

Internet service at Casa Cortez has changed my daily routine. My daytime and my evening hours are easier to separate. I stay at home more. When I stay home more, I cook for myself more often. That saves me a lot of money. I still go out to eat, but it is more likely to be later in the day now.

Boredom visits less frequently. My days are different, though sometimes different appears in very subtle ways. Little things, like drinking tea, have helped cut my sugar and caffeine intake. I eat when I am hungry, no longer waiting an hour for my restaurant meal to arrive. My stomach is happier.

I sleep to rest, no longer needing sleep to help time pass. I have more things to do in my day. Cooking is fun, but it means I also get to do this dishes. That is OK, because it gets me off my chair. That’s really a good thing.

So, being able to manage my blog from home works well. I surf the Internet, and have time to enjoy what I am exploring. More important, I am able to communicate with the folks in my daily life very quickly, no matter how far away they are.

Change creates ripples. Drama creates waves. I prefer ripples to waves. I can walk on ripples. So can you.

Smiles. ET

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