The Money Connection

A connection exists between a person and what they create. Copyrights and royalties recognize this connection, but have proved a mixed blessing for the artist. Once corporate interests enter the mix, the artist sees a small percentage of what his work actually earns.

I keep wondering how many times the music corporations expect us to pay them for the same old stuff? Ask, and the answer seems to be “forever.” That is why the music corporations want the rights to what an artist creates. They pay the artist pennies, and keep the dollars for themselves.

The music industry is real good at repackaging old releases each time we move to a new listening format. Through the years, I have purchased the same music on platters, tape, and now disks. I am really getting tired of this.

The listening public is demonstrating they are tired of this as well. People have no desire to repay, for what they have already purchased. I believe that is one of the reasons why they have no reluctance to share their music collections.

Folks have realized the music bill gets paid many different ways. They understand they pay with their time and attention when they are bombarded with advertising, while listening to “free” music on the airways.

When art is no longer owned by the person who created it, it becomes the financial fodder of commercial interests. Those guys grab the rights to everything they can, and pay as little as possible for what they receive. They then make copy after copy of something they add little value to, and sell it for whatever the market will bear.

I have a friend who writes scripts for educational films. He now has ten productions to his name. His films have put him in the guest seat on major talk shows several times. He produces films on relevant stuff.

One of his scripts sat on the shelf a long time. As things go, in one of those lean moments artists sometimes experience, an offer came to buy one of his scripts.

The offer had a hitch, the buyer wanted full rights, which meant no money for the scripts’ creator beyond a one time payment. That film has now grossed over a million dollars, and my writer friend has a small check from long ago to show for his work.

As we write, we can create something of value. What we write can have increased monetary value over time. Building on the foundation of words, some bloggers have become quite financially successful. They have found a way to present their thoughts to others, without having to pay a few gatekeepers for the right to do so. That works.

Smiles. ET

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