Review of Genius SW-F2.1 500 Speakers

Two years ago I arrived in Guatemala with my laptop, iPod, and speakers. My travel speakers were shaped like two tiny bowling balls with legs. Sadly, they did not have the same lasting power. Tiny speakers, and tiny wires, don’t handle the jars and bumps of traveling well.

I accepted that my best choices for good sound while traveling were headphones or ear buds. At home I could have something less portable, and better able to produce good sound. While checking out computer speakers, I happened on a Genius speaker system that they must have built for us folks on the go.

The Genius SW-F2.1 500 speakers can travel as a carry-on. They can also be easily carried under your arm while you drag all that other stuff from the car to the dorm. These are portable speakers that crank out serious sound.

The SW-F2.1 500 speakers comes with a jack that will fit your computer, or you iPod. They have 12W of power and it pushes the sub woofer wonderfully. You can now have real bass in the sound you hear from your digital music system.

These speakers are a great value for the money. I did a Google search and found several sellers who had this model in stock. Amazon currently has an instant rebate that brings the price for the Genius SW-F2.1 500 speakers to just under $24.

Power, portability, and price make the Genius SW-F2.1 500 speakers a great buy. Low price, yet the sound they produce is absolutely outstanding. Smiles. ET

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