Having just moved to a new country, I needed a driver’s license. So I hired a local driving instructor, but walked away puzzled. I found other instructors, but their techniques were the same.

Couldn’t figure out why these people wanted me to drive backwards, always looking in the rear view mirror?

I pondered the realities of living in a mountain village. It could be that driving backwards is a skill necessary to avoid being trampled by something bigger than my car. That thought got my attention.

Learning to drive backwards was strange, but the rules are quite clear. I have to remember where I am heading, see what’s coming toward me, and out run what’s after me.

From all this I came to understand that going backward, sometimes accomplishes the same thing as going forward. More important still, I was the one in the driver’s seat and learned I could choose to go any direction I wished.

Yet no matter my direction, my experiences are always created by my choices. I am the producer of the drama I call my life. Backward or forward, it has been a process of taking control of what I am producing.

Becoming responsible for what I experience, I have created a whole new life for myself. There is nothing I have done that you can not do yourself. It starts in knowing: U Duz It !   ET

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