Harry Ran Off with a Woman

The other night Harry didn’t come home. He is my friend and I get concerned about him. It appears he has found a new love. The fine accommodations and great food at my place, seem to have little attraction for Harry at the moment. Harry has found a new lady to love.

Harry is my dog. He has become a patriarch in the San Pedro street dog community. Harry had a lady who he lived with for six years, and he became very attached to her. She had to go back to London, and Harry’s world crumbled.

Harry’s first love has never returned, but I think he decided he is ready to love again. Sadly, I know his new lady will leave too soon, but that’s what happens here at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. This is a community of travelers.

In the meantime, Harry will have the opportunity to love again. No matter how it all unfolds, Harry’s life will go on. Harry is a survivor, even when experiencing turmoils of the heart, he will keep on going. Harry knows how to survive.

Harry also knows about restaurants, He gets hugs and attention at Jarachik, where we go each morning for breakfast. That’s where he found his new love. Here is Harry in a contemplative moment on the patio:

Harry deep in thought.

When we are out, those eyes of his also get him an occasional snack, if I don’t catch him in the act. Harry is a big dog. You can tell Harry hasn’t missed very many meals.

But, Harry’s life has been missing something. He has wished to love again. His wish has now come true, and as his friend, I will be here to see to what he needs, when he needs it. Not much more I can do at the moment.

So for now, I get to relive a lesson experienced long ago. Love knows no bounds, and because another loves someone else, it does not mean they love you less. A lesson learned far too late in my life.

I think I’ll just wait till Harry comes home, and not use this situation to feel anything but a smile for him. Besides, I know that when Harry gets his appetite back, he’ll be home. Harry knows where he doesn’t have to work for his dinner.

Actually, I think Harry Potter has got a pretty good thing going.

Smiles. ET

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