An Especially Unique Individual

Meeting a lot of new people is a part of my life, and some of those folks are very special. OK, everyone is special, but some people are really unique in their specialness. Several months ago, I met one of these especially unique individuals.

He introduced me to the reality of how Synchronicity works. I had heard he was a video photographer, and I had seen some of his work at at local bookstore here in San Pedro la Laguna. Meeting him in person, added a new dimension to my understanding of who he is.

A number of us had been invited to join a group of Mayan Shamans at several ceremonies conducted at various Mayan ruins in Guatemala. It was grueling trip, filled with many wonders.

The man I am speaking of is named, John Freeman. When he received the call to come to Guatemala and join us for this adventure, he said he would see if he could put it together. What I know he was saying now, was that he would wait to see if Spirit would make this happen.

Well, within days the money arrived, his ticket purchased, and Freeman was on his way to join us. He was on the road several days before we began our journey to the ceremonies, and his body did a major energy adjustment. He used his tent one night as a sweat lodge, and emerged the next morning a new man.

Freeman joined us with little more than his clothes, and his equipment. Yet, throughout our whole trip I never saw him without anything he needed. It was a fascinating process to watch.

Freeman’s life is Synchronicity in motion. Spend time with him and you will see it happen. It was a blessing to have him with us on this journey, and I am grateful for the video he now shares with us of the Winter Solstice Ceremony in Tikal.

When I first began Uduzit, I wrote several posts about my experience on this adventure. You can search using the word “Tikal” on Uduzit, and all those posts will appear on one page for you.

Smiles. ET

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Tikal Winter Solstice Ceremony

Tikal Winter Solstice Ceremony

Freeman has produced a wonderful video based on this experience.

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