Trusting in people, places, or things, doesn’t work. They change, and they do it without your permission. That’s the first lesson in trust. When you have accepted it as truth, come back, I will have the next lesson waiting.

“Ah Lil’ Whopper, “Why ask another question, when you don’t have the answer for the first?

So I sat down for a long time. I learned I didn’t know what the darn question even was. I didn’t know what I what I was looking for, let alone how to ask questions about it. I decided to ask what the question was.

I asked, but there was a lot of static in the answer. So I asked how to get a clearer answer. “Shut up and listen.” Now, that was clearer. “Anything else?” “Be willing to hear the answer.” “Yea, that makes sense.”

Being the worthy student, all my requests now begin with the statement that I am willing to hear the answer. I even mention I am willing to hear the question, just in case I might have missed that part.

My “still, small voice” is becoming more assertive as you, a can tell from the conversation above. It has been fun learning to be a better listener. I have been getting answers I can trust. ET

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