Blog Stats in Perspective

It is Monday, another Monday. I like Mondays, even with the Evangelicals waking me with their music each week. They were subdued today.

The past couple of days have been slow motion. The Internet has gone geriatric, or maybe it is just me. Things seem very calm.

When my blog goes quiet, it is not normal. My visitors arrive on a very steady basis, then suddenly disappear for a whole day. I don’t know the reason for this, but I have better understanding of my blog stats because of it.
I am very fascinated to see that WordPress, Site Counter, and Stat Counter synchronize perfectly. There is just one difference. The time setting on WordPress is six hours off from my other stats programs due to GMT.
That small difference causes big changes in my numbers. What I perceive as a slow day on WordPress, appears quite normal in the other programs. It takes a day or two, but the numbers seem to all average out.

WordPress stats confuse me when I watch them too closely. I think the six hour difference in time is a part of that. I get concerned when things appear too quiet, yet see over time that everything levels out.

A smile comes from knowing my concern is caused by my own perceptions. Give anything a little time, and it looks differently. Concerns of the moment, look much smaller when seen in the Past.

My stats may bounce around, but they are giving me good information. In them I see that the moment is open to any interpretation I wish, but retrospect does give me better vision.
Smiles. ET

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Understanding Your WordPress Blog Stats

This week I have had more reason than usual to watch the WordPress statistics for Uduzit. I have had more page views, and one post tweaked my statistics upward by drawing a lot more views than usual. That post sure has changed the appearance of my stat charts.

It is hard to miss your statistics on the new WordPress Dashboard. You find them in the “Stats” area, in the middle of the dashboard page. There is a graph on the left that shows you recent page views, and on the right is a list of information on your more popular posts.

Looking in the upper right corner of the Stats area you will see a link that says, “see all.” Click it, and you will go to a page with a great deal more information about your posts, and who is referring readers to you.

This is your “blog stats” page. It includes information on the words people are using to find your posts on search engines, and lists links to your blog. Your full blog numbers are further down the page, and it is important not to miss the “Akismet” links at the bottom of the page.

Now follow the link that shows the number of spam comments that have been blocked by Akismet. This takes you to a page that shows you these comments. I manage spam daily from the Comments page.

My efforts managing spam are rewarded when I find the occasional comment that seems quite legitimate, and I de-spam those. I think there is some pretty sophisticated spamming software out there, so I am still not exactly sure in my choice of what to save.

Interestingly, the information I was looking for was not detailed on the stats page. I wished to know how many page views each post had, and what days those occurred. I did find what I was looking for through the “Manage” link on the dashboard.

At the far right, when you look at a post listing on the Manage page, you will see a small icon that looks like a chart (Stats column.) Click it, and you will see your individual statistics for that post presented in a two toned blue chart.

The colors represent on site post and page views on WordPress. Syndicated views are also shown in the light blue color of the chart. These are special numbers you don’t find reflected in your WordPress page view stats. The syndicated views are the number of times your post has been viewed by folks using various types of feeds.

Most of my posts get limited direct page views. When I realized my posts on feeds are read by more people than visit my blog, I saw my post views were actually more than double what I had previously thought. That was great information, and it helped me see more folks are reading Uduzit posts than I realized.

Now that warms the heart of a newbie blogger. Smiles. ET

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