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Blog Statistics Posts

This page is a compilation of the recent posts on Uduzit regarding blog stats. Click on the post title to read the full post. Smiles. ET

Understanding Your WordPress Blog Stats

This week I have had more reason than usual to watch the WordPress statistics for Uduzit. I have had more page views, and one post tweaked my statistics upward by drawing a lot more views than usual. That post sure has changed the appearance of my stat charts.

Blog Stats in Perspective

When my blog goes quiet, it is not normal. My visitors arrive on a very steady basis, then suddenly disappear for a whole day. I don’t know the reason for this, but I have better understanding of my blog stats because of it.

Stats and Coffee

This morning I had stats with my coffee. It was a pleasant experience, because I had new things to look at with my freshly installed Site Meter and Stat Counter services. Both programs monitor my WordPress blog traffic, and are working wonderfully.

Great stat add-ons for WP blogs

It is easy to see from my post views, that many of you are also interested in who is visiting your blogs. There is a great deal of information available from free stat services, that is not available in the current WordPress stats application.

Disappearing Syndicated Views

Recently, I’ve done a number of posts on Uduzit regarding WordPress stats. The focus has been on syndicated views and how you can see them in your stat charts.

More About WordPress Stats

Watching the statistics on my WordPress blog has become a hobby. Several months ago, I didn’t have many numbers to work with. Last month, there were more numbers.

Growing a Blog

Uduzit is showing steady signs of growth. Even had my first “big” post a couple of weeks ago. I have been fascinated watching all the numbers grow on my stats page. The pings are happening, and real comments do pop up occasionally.

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